Let’s make our cities better than ever! GPSM participated in the CIVITAS Forum 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s enchanting capital. This year’s CIVITAS Forum was themed “Sharing the City”. Advancing sustainable urban transport shall serve as the backbone of an accessible, liveable city with a high standard of living. GPSM contributed by presenting its friend’s innovative solutions, which were highly valued by city representatives as well as by planners and strategists of various other organisations, NGOs and companies.

Day 1 envisaged discussions on subjects such as bike-sharing, multimodality and travel planning, as well as introducing best practices from the CIVINET national networks and open data to improve mobility.

Day 2 offered two different sets of parallel sessions, touching on topics such as E-busses, designing urban mobility infrastructure, mobility management, and alternative fuels.

Last but not least, Day 3 brought pivotal insight on urban mobility for the next generation, company mobility management, and mobility solutions for a more inclusive city.

WP_20151007_14_33_01_Pro_ CIVITAS 2015

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