Air pollutant measuring on roads

Client Earth and DUH jointly published a handbook on clean air, summarizing the legal and theoretical background to clean air rights. The handbook informs civilians and NGOs about possibilities for public participation in policy decisions and contains a practical guide to legal enforcement of the right to clean air in the European Union.

Fact and Figures

Did you know that in Germany:

  • Reducing a car’s weight by 100kg saves 0.3 litres of fuel/100 km on average

Russia’s high-speed train, Sapsan (“Peregrine Falcon”), is based on the German InterCityExpress train and has run since 2009 between St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod


“Catherine the Great” – rail track-laying machinery reaches superlative proportions &


“The lasting solution – In the area of high-speed rail traffic, slab tracks have become established as an alternative to standard sleepers in traditional ballast roadbeds. The different slab track concepts either make use of (concrete) troughs into which the sleepers are cast, or precast slabs are installed, which already contain the necessary rail seats.” From


“Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) keeps you updated on the traffic situation as it develops and to the nearest 100m. The system also calculates what delays are to be expected and recommends detours. This keeps you precisely informed of the traffic situation on the planned route and potential alternative routes at all times. As a result you can react to tailbacks and road closures in good time and avoid them.” From

Automatic Parking System