moovel brings together an array of travel options in one app and suggests various ways for you to get to your destination. Choose the route that’s perfect for you – it’s up to you to decide whether you want the quickest, the cheapest or the most convenient. moovel shows you the direct route or the best combination from car2go, rail and other public transport, taxi, carsharing or bicycle.


Sharing is becoming increasingly popular; 50% of Germans are reported to be interested in car-sharing schemes:


The word “Mitfahrgelegenheit” is widely known among international backpackers coming to Germany, as carpooling is a common and effective way to get around in the country:


Want to know how much CO2 a trip from Frankfurt to Berlin produces by car, train or plane? The Deutsche Bahn (DB) travel information on their website ( offers emission and travel time comparisons for trips within Germany and Europe—simply click on the flower symbol “Environmental Mobility Check.”

From Scotland to Dubai, from Latvia to Switzerland: nextbike (a German bike-share company) offers 15,000 bikes in 80 cities and 13 countries.


Car sharing is increasingly being combined with electric mobility, another environmentally friendly trend. Initiatives like RUHRAUTOe offer modern mobility solutions in built-up areas in Germany: (DE only)


Recently, people have started renting their private vehicles to other private car sharing users. Autonetzer offers a platform and insurance service (DE only):

Fact and Figures

Did you know that in Germany:

  • Cargo bicycles, public transport and car sharing are becoming more popular in Germany as more households are getting rid of their cars
  • Berlin has 18 different commercial and private car sharing programs
  • Karlsruhe has the most car sharing vehicles per inhabitant
  • More than 380 German cities and municipalities have car sharing programs
  • Bicycle sharing programs are available in more than 40 German cities
  • One car-sharing vehicle can replace up to 11 private cars
  • Commercial car sharing started in Switzerland and Germany in 1987

Public Bike Sharing: Nextbike


Public bike sharing: DB Call-a-bike


Free-floating Carsharing: DriveNow by BMW


Station-based Carsharing: cambio


Free-floating Carsharing: Car2Go


DB Rent: Flinkster Call-a-bike



Free-Floating E-Carsharing Berlin:


Mobility App Moovel


Station-based Carsharing CiteeCar


Carpooling Blablacar


Autonetzer (Peer-to-Peer Carsharing)


ParkNow App San Francisco


HaCon (Hannover)

Take a tour by tram, bicycle and car-sharing through Bremen.
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